We offer organic based lawn care treatments all year round. Stay ahead and get started today.

Spring Organic Based Lawn Care Treatments

EARLY SPRING: Early spring, your lawn will need some tendor care. Grass begins to grow as the temperatures begin to rise and already your lawn is starving for food (fertilizer) and water. Our early spring lawn care treatment provides the nutrients that will get your lawn off to a great start.

LATE SPRING: Eco Turf follows up in the late spring with another treatment to make sure the grass continues to grow green and hardy. We also want to make sure that weeds are NOT taking root. By late spring, you should be mowing your lawn once a week and there shouldn’t be a weed in sight!

Summer Organic Based Lawn Treatments

EARLY SUMMER: Summer is the time when your lawn is under great stress. By summer, we should have already aerated. Aeration in the summer months is usually not recommended. Additional nutrients added during the summer lawn care treatments will help keep your grass green and the weeds in control. If it is unseasonably dry, it is recommended that you follow up summer treatments with regular watering.

Typically, you’ll be mowing once a week and less if it is extremely dry. If we’ve done our job, you should not have a weed problem and that’s a good thing. Mid-summer, dry weather is not a great time to be treating for weeds.

GRUB CONTROL is applied with your Early Summer Treatment to eliminate grubs and will also help with surface insects such as chinch bugs, sod web worms and bill bugs etc. that feed and damage grass roots.

Fall and Winter Lawn Prep

FALL: The fall is an important time for lawn maintenance. Fall care will ensure that your turf survives the low temperatures throughout the winter. It will also help your grass rejuvenate from from the stress of the summer heat and possibly traffic.

Since people always ask – rake your yard and remove the leaves. Some people think it’s OK to leave the leave and this can be a mistake. Leaves covering the grass will remove the amount of light your grass gets in the fall and your lawn can die early.  If you’re organically inclined, you can mulch the leaves and reapply to your gardens, shade loving plants and add to potting soil mixes.

Fall lawn care treatment is different from the early season spring treatments. The nutrients used in the fall will toughen the grass – making it ready for winter.  This may also be another good time to aerate (about 3-4 inches down).

Late Fall and Winter is a great time for aeration! Snow and ice may have compacted the turf and soil over the winter. Aeration allows air and nutrients to sink into the turf and feed the roots. If you pre-pay for an entire season of lawn care, aeration is free!